What happens?

What happens at a Melbourne Wankers meeting and why do we get together?

We offer an environment that is vastly different to the bath-houses and bar mentality. Ours is a very friendly environment that allows many opportunities to meet new friends. The music is low background, the lighting dimmed. Total nudity is mandatory at all times.


We also use oil as our lubricant (grape seed oil), and our parties are based on its liberal use. Squeeze packs that are usually sauce containers at barbeques are what we use to conveniently dispense the oil.

Very early in the evening when conversation is rampant, it doesn't take long for a few squirts of oil on a couple of bodies to get the whole room covering each other from head to foot. Such a fun way to get to know another guy! This also allows for a natural progression to group body contact and frequently to a massage situation.

After the first hour or so you can find many twos, threes, and fours on the floor giving each other deep and sensual massages, whilst all around them others are still standing groups cumming for the second, third or fourth time. Ah! The joys of group activities of dozens of oiled-up guys doing what comes naturally. Throughout all this activity there is a great deal of conversation and laughter, as well as touching.

Night after night we hear comments about the sensuality aspect of the group, and the fact that the participants have not been physically touched like this in years. Awakening the senses is one of the most satisfying aspects of the group.

If you are young or inexperienced in going to a Sauna it is best to arrive just after 7pm before the room is full and brimming with action. You must be able to say "No Thanks" and not push yourself too hard on your first night.

You can buy drinks and food at the Sauna if you want to rest - or just go off and have a hot shower - towels provided. You have to soap up hard to get rid of all the oil.


We hope that this will give you some idea of how we operate. We are certainly keen to welcome visitors to Melbourne and to give you a friendly, sensuous and fun night.

Happy Jacking!

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