We receive a number of comments that could be classified as Frequently Asked Questions. So here's the main ones we come across and our responses to them.

Pic10 "I don't think my dick is big enough."

At our meetings there are all shapes and sizes and that includes penises! Dick size (or body image) is not the important thing here - sensuous and friendly interaction is the answer to a successful session.

"I might have an erection all the time."

Well, there's certainly no need to be embarrassed by that, in fact we encourage you to wear your virility with pride! An enthusiastic member is a big help to others.

"I might know somebody."

If you see someone at our meeting that you wish you didn't, then they probably feel the same. Say G'day and then get down to enjoying yourself with the others - after all, you're both there for the same reason.

"I don't feel comfortable with being completely naked all the time."

The meetings always provide a warm, friendly and sensuous experience. It is a semi-lit environment were everyone is on equal terms. Using oil is not too kind on clothes if you're wearing them.

"I really want to go but I feel too embarrassed."

It would be no fun if you went when you really didn't feel ready for it. We recommend that you wait a while until you're over your shyness and can participate in the excitement without being too inhibited. With everyone taking their clothes off it is very difficult not to feel uninhibited. You're all interested in the same thing.


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