Run your own

You too can run a Jack Off Party. Here's our guide on how to be a successful wanker.

Who to invite
The mix of your guest list is the most important ingredient for a successful party. Invite men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Men who turn you on and men who turn others on. It helps if you have at least some who have experience with wanking parties and if it is your first time then keep the guest list small at first (say 8 - 10 people.)
Don't invite - your mother (even if she is really great), Sister Mary Joseph or Miss Manners. Also leave off your list the uptight gay couple who get jealous and huffy, the man who gets really drunk at parties, the cold, aloof pretty boy and the defiant "real man" who doesn't like anything but fucking.

How to invite them
Apart from calling people on the phone (a spontaneous wank!) it's a good idea to spend some time on printed invitations. Include erotic pictures (but none that show activities like fucking or sucking). Be specific about a time and if you're having a theme or fetish night (like leather or lycra) then include hints on what people should wear. Don't forget the RSVP so you have an idea how many people to expect.


Clear out furniture that might be bumped into and any precious knick knacks that could be broken. Cover upholstery with sheets and for more uninhibited fun cover the carpet as well (big towels are a good idea). Posters on the wall of hunky naked guys (preferably with erections and having a wank) helps to set the mood. Don't forget to cover up windows unless you want the neighbours to see!

Massage oil is the best for a wank party (remember there will be no fucking so it is okay to have oil-based lubricant). Water based lubes get sticky and hurt after a period of hard wanking.

Music and Video
While it is a good idea to have something in the background to set the mood you have to be careful with your choice. Videos showing fucking and sucking are not appropriate. Loud, hyperactive dance music is also inappropriate. Soft and sexy ambient music is a good way to start off and you can progress to a more up-tempo rate as the action heats up.

How do you handle a hungry man? Having munchies to satiate cock-inspired appetites is a necessary consideration. Keep it simple - fruit, vegie dips, french bread, savoury biscuits, cheese and other bite sized goodies.

Encourage beer drinkers to bring cans, not stubbies - broken glass doesn't help! Plastic cups are handy.

Pic9 Arrival
You may need to have someone (someone cute may help!) greeting party guests with shorts on - but if possible it's best if they're naked. Guests must take all their clothes off when they arrive. Have paper bags ready to put clothes in.

Breaking the ice
It helps to break the ice if you have asked some experienced wankers to come a bit earlier so they can be there (naked and ready to go!) when others arrive.

You may want to have a list of the rules for the night posted up and clearly visible to arriving party goers.
Dealing with inappropriate behaviour :
If you've clearly explained in your invitation what kind of party it is then it is unlikely you'll see non-JO behaviour going on. If you do, your close presence as host should cool things. You can quietly say "Hey guys, no fucking or sucking please." If that doesn't work, tell them, "This is not an appropriate place for that. If you want to fuck or suck, please go home and do it there."


Okay, that's it. Now the jerk-off fun begins!


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