Our Philosophy

Who are the Melbourne Wankers and why do we get together?

We believe that group masturbation is a very legitimate form of sexual expression and, we might add, an increasingly popular one.


We offer a friendly location where guys of all ages from 18 years upwards can mingle together in a totally non-discriminatory and safe environment. Majority of guys are from late 20's to ?

Guys of any ethnic background, married, in gay partnerships, any physical shape, single, HIV or not, large or small cock, all are equally welcome.

(We are invariably a very wide cross-section of guys, including married men, professional and blue collar workers and guys in partnership situations where both of them often attend.)

We are a totally safe sex activity based on the world-wide jack-off group policy of No Lips Below the Hips. Because of our extravagant use of oil any other sexual activity is totally discouraged as oil and condoms are not a safe sex combination.

We are men seeking nudity and pleasure. We get a special kick from being nude. We like seeing other guys nude. We like the sensual pleasure of oiling other naked men. We like group pleasuring. We like the diversity in men - their shape, size, length and age. We like conversation and seeing our partners face.


Above all, we are men who like to share our bodies with other men in safe, friendly and pleasurable ways. Wanking together, hot body to hot body, all in the one room, is what we are on about.

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